Fight Corruption and Legislator Perks
As a lawmaker, Dwight Kay will cut his own pay 10 percent and refuse the lavish legislative pension. Dwight Kay backs term limits on career politicians because they have bankrupted Illinois, and he wants to audit state government to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being wasted and abused by career politicians.

Roll Back High Property Taxes
Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation, with residents paying more than double the national average. Dwight Kay will fight to freeze and cap excessive property taxes that chase away jobs and families to neighboring states with significantly lower taxes.

Repeal the Income Tax Hike
The state recently raised income tax again, this time by 32 percent or more than $1,000 on every Illinois family. Illinois hasn’t lived within its means, and Dwight Kay supports the repeal of the tax increase that was passed with no budget cuts or pension reforms.

Bring Back Jobs
As a business leader, Dwight Kay knows restoring jobs and opportunity requires a positive environment for businesses to grow and entrepreneurs to succeed. Small businesses and employers are overtaxed and overregulated. People are hurting, and the meltdown in Springfield chases away jobs.

Local School Funding
Upstate politicians keep bailing out failing Chicago schools while passing the tax bill on to Downstate. Dwight Kay supports fully funding education to make sure Metro East schools get the funding they deserve.

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