Cut Legislator Perks
Dwight Kay cut his own pay 10 percent and refused the lavish pension lawmakers receive.

Dwight Kay opposes and all tax increases, which includes opposing any retirement tax.

Dwight Kay has introduced legislation to cut property taxes for Metro East homeowners, including seniors. He opposed the harmful cost shift legislation that would have shifted pension costs to local school districts resulting in higher property taxes.

Jobs and the Economy
Dwight Kay has a 7-point plan to create jobs and revive Illinois’ economy. The plan includes stopping tax increases, reforming workers’ comp, and cutting job-killing regulations. Dwight Kay’s jobs plan earned him the endorsement of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Dwight Kay initiated the audit which uncovered Governor Quinn’s $117 million Chicago political slush fund.  He will continue to audit state government to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being wasted and abused by career politicians.

Term Limits
Dwight Kay introduced legislation to place term limits on career politicians because they have bankrupted Illinois.

Local School Funding
Upstate politicians keep bailing out failing Chicago schools while passing the tax bill on to Downstate.  Dwight Kay is endorsed by the largest teacher organization in Illinois because he supports fully funding education to make sure Metro East schools get the funding they deserve.

Fairmount Park Racetrack
When Chicago politicians tried to hurt Fairmount Park by excluding it from this spring’s gaming bill, Dwight Kay stood up for Fairmount so it would stay open and keep jobs in the Metro East. Dwight Kay will continue protecting Fairmount Park and the jobs it provides to families in the Metro East.

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  • commented 2016-05-30 08:07:59 -0500
    Thank you for fighting for Illinois in your line item review of the budget .I just reviewed a 6 min clip with you questioning Barbara Curry (37 year incumbent,which also is a problem) about the need for allocating certain monies and she had no response or “Ditto”. How disgraceful is she and all the others that continually waste tax payers money with no accountability. Barbara Curry acts like the hard working over taxed people of Illinois work for her . She needs to be reminded with many others that they work for the people. I guess with 37 years in she has forgotten that the government is suppose to work for the people not the other way around .There is such an Aura of arrogance in our government that sickens me and many others . Every hard working struggling American has had to cut back whether they liked it or not .Yet Government state and nationally has not understood this concept and continually waste money while scheming to make up new taxes to help fund this blatant over spending .Well we the people are sick of it !

    Also thank you for fighting against sb231 .You are rite ,it is not fair . Chicago has a long history of over spending and getting bailed out . Once again Accountability would be nice . Isn’t that what we teach are children ,be responsible for your actions . Well it started off as an appreciative paragraph and turned into a rant . So once again. THANK YOU !!!! Frustrated Illinoisan Paul Cores
  • commented 2016-05-28 13:20:36 -0500
    Thank you Representative Kay for daring to question line item items in the proposed budget with common sense and a business approach. Also; thanks for not accepting your legislator pension. It would be nice to publish the names,like yourself, who have refused it versus the names of those legislators who have accepted it.


    Roger Kempa
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