Plan for Property Tax Relief

As I walk door to door speaking to voters the number one topic on people's minds is our skyrocketing property taxes. Property taxes in Illinois have doubled in recent years, and we now have the honor of paying the highest taxes in the nation!

We can thank the incompetent and corrupt government leaders in Springfield, led by long-time Chicago kingpin Mike Madigan, for the property tax burden placed on Illinois families. But Madigan is merely a pawn of public sector unions, who bankroll the Democrat majorities in the legislature.

That's why I support a freeze on property taxes at 1% and a requirement that local referendum be held if a taxing body wants more. Let the people decide. It's also why, if elected, I will not accept a pension and I will cut my pay by 10%.

Most of all, we need more fiscal discipline in Illinois to take the burden off of Illinois families like yours and mine.

Dwight Kay

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