Rep. Kay Sponsors Legislation to Eliminate Lame Duck Session

Today, Illinois State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) and members of the House Republican caucus unveiled legislation to eliminate the lame duck session following the November general election cycle.

“Since the birth of the lame duck session, the voice of Illinois’ taxpayers have been ignored,” said Rep. Dwight Kay.  “Lame duck sessions produce laws which otherwise have no chance at becoming law.  In 2011, the legislature passed the 67% income tax hike just hours before I was sworn into office, the reason why the vote took place was because many of my colleagues including myself would have voted against the tax hike and it would have failed.”

The legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Kay to put an end to lame duck sessions is House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 43, the legislation would prohibit the outgoing General Assembly from convening or acting on legislation unless a special session is convened with joint approval of the Governor, and each of the four legislative leaders.  In addition to the Constitutional Amendment, Rep. Kay co-sponsored House Resolution 805 to require a vote of three-fifths from the legislature to pass a bill out of the General Assembly if a special session is convened after the General Election.

Rep. Kay added, “the lack of constituent accountability has created an easy way to pass controversial legislation with no fear of repercussions, my constituents and myself fell victim to the lame duck session in 2011. I am all in favor of restoring taxpayer accountability to the legislative process by eliminating lame duck sessions.”

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